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         The Godalming & Villages Community Store now has a donation drop off point inside the Co-op Petrol Station & Convenience Store in Bramley.

The Godalming and Villages Community Store provides  food and household supplies for those in need - for the community, from the community. It is busier than ever and now supports over 50 local households

Share what you canIf you think you could gift anything, no matter how little, please take a look at their latest shopping list ( https://godalmingcommunitystore.org/shopping-list) or scan the QR code on the sign in the Coop to display an up to date list of urgently/always needed items.


If you would prefer to give a donation of money, please go to https://godalmingcommunitystore.org/give-help-1

Who does the Community store help?

Customers come to us for a whole host of reasons and from all walks of life.  Some have used foodbanks before, many have never done so.    

You’re eligible if you face a crisis with which we and other support agencies can help you.

While we can provide food and household items, we want you to get wider help to ease your difficulties.  Therefore we ask you contact one of the local support organisations to refer you to us. You may already be working with one of them. For example, Citizens Advice Waverley could be your first contact. Advisers can arrange for you to shop with us and discuss ways to improve your situation generally.

How does it work?

When you’ve received your referral we can make you a private appointment to use our ‘shop with no till’.  We’ll ask for a few details about you and any others in your household to make sure we can meet dietary requirements and personal care needs. This information will be kept strictly private. We have had customers who don't come to us until they have exhausted so many other avenues that their cupboards are running bare and meals are being skipped.  If you are in this situation, or coming close, please seek a referral to see us ASAP.

For further information go to https://godalmingcommunitystore.org/