Parish Magazines and Newsletters

Sadly, the last printed magazine was published in July 2021, for the time being. The reasons are explained in more detail below, but the most important thing to bear in mind is that we intend to provide regular printed communications In future and expand and improve our parish communications in general. 

Here is the situation

Josephine Leak has bowed out of being Editor and Advertising Manager, having done a wonderful and dedicated job. We thank her profusely for all that she has done. I am so grateful that she was prepared to stay on for a whole year, to allow me time to settle into the parish. We have tried to find a new editor, but without success. Importantly, it isn’t the sort of job where someone can say “I will do it, if no-one else will” because it requires real enthusiasm to work well. A reluctant editor makes for a stodgy publication! 

The Magazine is quite a costly endeavour, even with the kindness of our advertisers. Making the most of what we spend is a real issue, and we as a church have a responsibility to be good stewards of our resources, particularly with the big hits to our general finances resulting from the pandemic. 

Together with the PCC, I have been looking at new ways of communicating, and we have to accept that the way everyone communicates these days has changed dramatically. The vast majority of organisations and community groups now communicate predominately by email, online and through social media... albeit with some printed material as well, for those who prefer it. 

Some examples of the changing picture in our own parish and community

Our Parish Magazine was delivered to 320 homes by our 23 faithful deliverers, whose work over many years is very much appreciated, and further copies left with some shops. 

But far more people see information that is posted on the Facebook pages for the church, Bramley Update and Bramley Community Noticeboard. Although there will be people who look at all three, the total number they reach is 1,300. 

Recent events, publicised on Facebook for the first time (like the Plant and Cake 3Sale have attracted many new people who do not receive the Parish Magazine. They can also comment and respond to posts (and they do!) - I send out an “emailing” every Thursday (with details of the coming Sunday services and other notices) and another one on Sundays after the services (with a recording of the 9.45 service and more notices). These emails go to 107 people, whereas I have a list of only 16 church members who don’t have email . 

But…….more printed material in the future, not less

Although the vast majority of people get their information online (and this number is likely to increase with time) we intend to end up with MORE printed material, post-magazine, rather than LESS. 

We would like to make many of the “emailings” available in printed form for those who do not have email, including large-type versions for those that need them. These could be weekly, rather than the once-a-month magazine. We would also like to produce a printed newsletter to go through EVERY DOOR in the parish. These could be three times a year. Perhaps in the run-up to Christmas, the run-up to Easter, and either summer events or back-to-school. (The first newsletter should have been posted through your letterbox in the last few weeks! If you haven't received a copy yet, please contact the church office or myself and we will send you one.)

We know that many rely on the magazine for local and church information, particularly contact numbers. So we will endeavour to make all of that freely and regularly available – online and in print. One idea is an annual bookmark with this information on it, which could be available through the church, local shops and the library. Again, we could perhaps look to one of the regular advertisers to consider sponsoring this. 

The Plan for the future

So, here is the plan for the future. If you don’t already receive the regular “emailings”, but are happy to do so, please email me: We hope to improve the appearance and quality of the emails, so that they are more attractive when printed out for those who are receiving hard copies. If you do not have email but would like to be added to the list of those who will receive printed communications (either standard size type or large type), please phone me (0770 991 9602 or 01483 892109) or write to me (and if you get an answering service, do not forget to leave your number, so that I can ring you back!)

                                                                                                                   Rev'd Andy Davis