Sunday Services:

On Sundays, our 8am worship is a quiet and traditional Book of Common Prayer service of Holy Communion and at our 9.45am sung Communion service, adults and children worship together. Children (with a parent/carer) are welcome to go to the Children's Chapel during services and play with the toys and books there.


We have made some changes to our worship, post Covid, whilst remaining committed to keeping people safe.  We are singing again and the wine is available at Communion. Masks are not required whilst seating.

We realise that there will be people who cannot take the risk of attending church services, or would prefer not to. Our services will therefore continue to be available online via Zoom and they will be both live-streamed and recorded. Do email Andy if you need the Zoom link or know of anyone who would like it.

You can also download an order of service, watch/rewatch a service on this site or on our YouTube Channel and/or listen to the podcast of a sermon.

Baptisms (or Blessings or Namings) and WeddingsFont

Andy, our Vicar (phone 01483 892109 or email) will happily speak with you on the phone or online or arrange to meet with you to discuss Baptisms (or Blessings or Namings) or Weddings.  Or you could arrange to talk to him in church after a 9.45 Service on a Sunday. Before contacting Andy, please read about Baptisms, Blessings and Namings by visiting the Baptism page and read about Weddings by visiting the Weddings page.

Church flowers 0921Funerals (and Memorial and Thanksgiving services)

Andy (phone 01483 892109 or email) is always willing to discuss taking a Service for your departed loved one; either in church, or wherever you want it to be, and will aim to “meet you where you are”.

This could be the funeral soon after death, or perhaps a Memorial or Thanksgiving in church or elsewhere - later the same day, after a burial or cremation; or at later date (perhaps on an anniversary death or another poignant day).