Memorial and Thanksgiving Services

Andy, our Vicar (phone 01483 892109 or email is always willing to discuss taking a Service for your departed loved one; either in church, or wherever you want it to be, and will aim to “meet you where you are”.

This could be the funeral soon after death, or perhaps a Memorial or Thanksgiving in church or elsewhere - later the same day, after a burial or cremation; or at later date (perhaps on an anniversary death or another poignant day).

The Vicar always starts by exploring what sort of service you are looking for or perhaps more simply: "What would you like included?"

Most funerals include some form of personal recollection of the person who has died – either by a friend or member of the family – or in a tribute written by the Vicar, based on memories shared with him.

A funeral can be completely “non-religious” (with music, poems, readings, tributes.....and perhaps candle-lighting or other use of symbols) or it can include religious elements (Bible reading, prayers and hymns) but also include “secular music” and readings, etc; or it can be a more traditional-type Christian funeral service.