Worship for Children

Children in church

After the succes of the Crib Service at Christmas 2022, another service for children (and their parents/carers) was held last term.

Children are now invited to bring their parents/carers to our second (new) children's service at 11.30am on Sunday 17 September.

Childrens Service in September

You can also attend our 'normal' services on a Sunday morning:

The Children's Chapel contains a wide range of toys, and is available for chidren to use during any service, as long as they are accompanied by an adult. Our sound system allows adults to continue to hear the service - the congregation will not hear any noises from the Children's Chapel as it is triple-glazed!

There are also toy bags and books at the back of the church near the font, please ask if you need help finding them.

Frequently asked questions:

Does it matter where we sit if we have a baby or a child with us?

The short answer is 'No', but children do like to see what's going on; so, please don't be afraid to sit near the front! If you think you may want to go to the Children's Chapel during the service, you may want to sit on the left hand side of the church.

Are there any loos?

Yes, there are toilets and nappy-changing facilities in the Parish Room - the door to it is on the right hand wall beyond the organ.

What if my baby cries or my toddler has a tantrum?

Please don't leave the service at the first cry! If your baby needs time to settle, you may want to take him/her to the Children's Chapel.

Can I bring my child up to the Communion rail for a blessing?

Your baby or child is very welcome to come with you.

I'd like my child to be christened or I'd like a Blessing Service or Naming Service.

Please do speak to Andy, who will be happy to discuss this with you.

Trinity Toddlers poster

Trinity Toddlers for parents and carers, babies and toddlers, meets every Wednesday from 10am - 11.30am, during term-time, in the Parish room.