Listening Ear

Bill Drayson-Knowler has succeeded Richard and Evelyn Gates as our Diocesan Hearing Champion here in Bramley.

Bill will be offering to service NHS hearing aids and dispense new batteries (brown book required) at two regular clinics: 

  •   The second Tuesday of every month, 10.00am to 12noon in the  Library.
  • The first Wednesday of every month, during the Villages Wednesday Club, 10.00am to 2.45pm at Blunden Court.

Please join him on these occasions. Just bring your hearing aids and brown book. (Regrettably, privately-supplied hearing aids cannot be dealt with.)

The benefits of hearing aids (

Hearing aids will not make your hearing perfect, but they make sounds louder and clearer, reducing the impact hearing loss has on your life.

Hearing aids can:

  • help you hear everyday sounds such as the doorbell and phone

  • improve your ability to hear speech

  • make you feel more confident when talking to people and make it easier for you to follow conversations in different environments

  • help you to enjoy listening to music and the TV, at a volume that's comfortable for those around you

But hearing aids only help if you still have some hearing left, so do not put off getting help if your hearing is getting worse.