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Monica Snelling (01483 894710) would like to restart the collection of boxes and donations.  If you still have a Children's Society box, please give it to Monica as soon as possible.  Donations can be given to Monica at church or put through her door.  Please do consider donating to this worthy cause

The story of The Children's Society began in 1881. Edward Rudolf, a young Sunday school teacher and civil servant in South London, saw the effects of poverty on children and decided to do something about it. When two young boys failed to turn up for his Sunday school, he went to look for them and was shocked to find them begging for food on the streets. Their father had died, leaving their mother struggling to bring up seven children under the age of 11.

Rudolf soon realised this was not a unique story and there were countless young people living in poverty. At that point, he decided to dedicate his life to improving the lives of children who had it toughest. This was the beginning of The Church of England Children's Society.More information about the Children's Society can be found at