Holy Week at Holy Trinity Bramley - Notes about our Services!

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palm cross

Palm Sunday (April 10) 8.00am Holy Communion (1662)

In church and on Zoom. A service in traditional language from the Book of Common Prayer, 1662. Palm crosses available.


Palm Sunday crowd

Palm Sunday (April 10) 9.45am Parish Eucharist (9.30 Palm Procession)

Palm crosses will be distributed. 9.30am, for those able/willing: Palm Procession from outside St Catherine’s Prep School, Station Road - or straight into church for…..9.45am Parish Eucharist. In church and on Zoom. A modern language service.

There is a “Passion Reading" (with individual parts, and everyone present joins in the parts for “the disciples” and “the crowd").

Praying hands

Monday (April 11) 7.00pm Night Prayer

In church and on Zoom. A set form of prayer, in modern language.

A short reflection will be given near the end.


Stations of the cross

Tuesday (April 12) 8.00pm Stations of the Cross

In church and on Zoom. Twelve pictures of Jesus' journey to the cross, on the big screen in church, and on the Zoom screen with – for each - a brief reflection, time of silence a prayer, and one hymn verse. The 12 include “Jesus takes up his cross”, “Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus", “Jesus is laid in the tomb".


Praying hands

Wednesday (April 13) 9.00pm Compline (Traditional Form)

In church and on Zoom. A set form of prayer, in traditional language.

A short time of silence near the end.


The garden of Gethsemane

Maundy Thursday (April 14) 8.00pm Eucharist

and Gethsemane Watch until Midnight

In church and on Zoom. The Communion service focuses on the Last Supper, and celebrates the gift of Holy Communion that the Last Supper gave us. We also focus on Jesus washing his disciple’s feet (a profound sign of humility and service).

Towards the end of the main service, and in preparation for the stark solemnity of Good Friday, altars are stripped, and church ornamentation removed.

Extra Communion wafers are consecrated to provide “Reserved Sacrament” for two purposes: to allow a simple sharing of Communion on Good Friday, and to be carried up to the high altar, and become a focus for a vigil of silent prayer until midnight. This is a reminder of Jesus’s agony and time of anguished prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane, and a chance for us to obey (fully, or for a shorter or longer time) “Could you not watch with me one hour?”

If you are at the service, you are invited to stay until the silent Gethsemane watch has begun.......and then leave whenever you like (after a few minutes.....after any length of time you choose......or at Midnight(!) You could also go home and return later; or if you are not coming to the service, drop in for part (or all) of the Vigil.


Hot Cross Buns

Good Friday (April 15) 11.00am All-Age Stations of the Cross

In church and on Zoom. 30 mins max. Especially suitable for children, but for anyone.

Six pictures around the church of Jesus’s journey to the cross around the church. Reflections, singing and prayer.

Hot cross buns afterwards…….please let the Vicar know if you would like a bun!


Jesus carrying Cross

Good Friday (April 15) 2.00pm The Liturgy of Good Friday

In church and on Zoom. This includes a “Passion Gospel" two reflections on the meaning of the Cross; the Veneration of the cross (an opportunity – for those who wish – to make a very simple act of devotion to Christ crucified) and an opportunity to receive the bread of Holy Communion from the specially Reserved Sacrament (see Maundy Thursday).



Easter Sunday (April 17) 6.00am Easter Ceremonies

In church - no Zoom. This service is based on the Easter baptismal ceremonies of the early church, which went on for many hours and through the night. If we were to do the full version, which has been used in the modern church for some years, it can take several hours.........but this “pared down” version is about 45 to 60 minutes.

It begins with a small fire outside (the “New Fire") symbolizing the beginning of the Resurrection. The Easter candle is lit from the fire and carried into the church. Individual candles (which we hold) can be lit from the Easter Candle, to show that we can share in Christ's light. By candlelight, there is the singing (solo, and live or recorded) of an ancient Easter hymn, the “Exsultet”. There are then some bible readings, tracing God’s liberating acts in scripture……. then all the lights come on and there is an explosion of sound to celebrate the resurrection. It is called “The Joyful Noise” and you can bring bells, whistles, drums, football rattles……. anything like that(!) The remainder of the service includes the renewal of baptismal vows at the font (by candlelight) and a Communion from the Peace onwards……..

Breakfast is available for those brave enough to get up so early. …….please let the Vicar know if you would like breakfast!


Empty crosses

Easter Sunday (April 17) 8.00am Holy Communion (1662)

In church and on Zoom.  A service in traditional from the Book of Common Prayer, 1662, celebrating the day of resurrection!


An empty tomb

Easter Sunday (April 17) 9.45am Parish Eucharist

In church and on Zoom. A modern language service, celebrating the day of resurrection!