The refurbished and retuned bells have now been rehung and rededicated. 




To coincide with the 275th anniversary of the first installation of bells at Holy Trinity, and to help raise funds both for the bell re-tuning exercise that started in October  and also for the Church, Richard Seaborne has compiled a book entitled Holy Trinity Bramley - The Church and its Bells. This is now on sale for £8.99, from which all profits will be split between the Church and the Bell Fund. Copies will be on sale in the Parish Room after the weekly 9.45am service,  and from the Parish Office during opening hours (9.00am - 1.00pm Monday and Thursday).



A unique view of the Holy Trinity bells, seen on the morning of Thursday 12th October, when the bells were lowered from the tower on Wednesday and placed in the north aisle of the church before going to be refurbished.



 At Holy Trinity Bramley bells have been rung from this tower for 275 years. They remind everyone who hears them that the church is alive, and they ring regularly to announce that worship is taking place and also ringing for weddings, festivals, special and national events.

The bells are rung ‘full circle’ in a uniquely English manner, part of our cultural heritage:- We have 6 bells, the heaviest ‘Tenor’ bell weighing about 8.5 cwts.Metal from the 5 original bells was recast in 1911 (the Tenor in 1891) when a new cast iron frame replaced the original timber supports. Associated with the bells are a host of fittings – wheels, stays, headstocks etc. all in timber. Since 1911 very little had changed, and age took its toll to make the bells very difficult to ring. To modern standards they were not only difficult to ring but, because tuning techniques 105 years ago were a bit crude, the bells sounded musically poor. The present major works just completed were needed to improve the handling of the bells, improve the sound quality (retune), to ensure they were safe and relatively maintenance free and to bring the peal of bells up to modern standards.

 None of the work would have been possible without the support and financial backing of so many individuals and organisations. We give our sincere thanks to all involved – through their hard work, dedication and generosity we have achieved our goal and rejoice that we have a richer, fuller sound from the restored bells.