At your service - August 2019

25     Tenth Sunday after Trinity                                                                                                                      NO service of Holy Communion at 8.00am                                                                                        9.45am         Sung Holy Communion                                                                                                      11.15am         Holy Communion (BCP) at St Andrew’s Grafham

At your service - September 2019

1     Eleventh Sunday after Trinity

     8.00am      Holy Communion (BCP)

      9.45am      Sung Holy Communion

     12 noon      Baptism

      6.00pm     Evening Prayer (BCP) at St Andrew’s Grafham

3    2.30pm     Tuesday Tea

4    10.00am    Trinity Toddlers

      10.30am     Service of Holy Communion at Blunden Court

6   12 noon       Wedding

8     Twelfth Sunday after Trinity 

       8.00am      Holy Communion (BCP)

       9.45am       Sung Holy Communion

       11.15am       Holy Communion (BCP) at St Andrew’s Grafham

       12.30pm     Parish Lunch in the Parish Room    

10   9.30-12       Knit Wits

11    10.00am     Trinity Toddlers

         7.30pm     Licensing of The Rev.d Camilla White at St Andrew’s, Grafham

15   Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity

        8.00am       Holy Communion (BCP)

        9.45am        Sung Holy Communion

       11.15am         Morning Prayer (BCP) at St Andrew’s Grafham

18    10.00am     Trinity Toddlers

22     Fourteenth Sunday after Trinity

        8.00am         Holy Communion (BCP)

        9.45am          Sung Holy Communion

       11.15am           Holy Communion (BCP) at St Andrew’s Grafham

25   10.00am       Trinity Toddlers

29       St Michael and All Angels

       8.00am          Holy Communion (BCP)

       9.45am           Sung Holy Communion

       11.15am           Morning Prayer (BCP) at St Andrew’s Grafham

The Harvest Festival will be held at the 9.45am service at Holy Trinity on

Sunday October 13th, with gifts of tinned and dry goods being donated to the

Guildford Besom Project. Full details will be given in the October issue.