At your service

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak all services are now cancelled.   
The church 
is now closed, in compliance with Government restrictions, BUT

Holy Trinity Bramley – on the air and Zoom-ing through lockdown. 

During lockdown Holy Trinity, like many other churches, has had to learn new ways of worshipping together.  It started with a tentative weekday ZOOM meeting (an internet video conferencing tool) with just a few of the Parochial Church Council.  Then some evening prayers were tried and eventually, after much word of mouth (or at least word of e-mail), the appropriate links and addresses were shared for folk to join online Sunday services via Zoom.

It’s proved very popular, and is really easy to set up. Many members of our congregation have found their inner ‘tecchie’ and, where necessary, have been helped over the phone to get connected. When they pop up, either in sound and vision or just sound, there is much joy from the virtual congregation. We can even offer virtual ‘coffee after the service’ chatrooms for those who want to say on after the service for a chat. 

We do have to be careful about how securely we share the link and passwords to those wanting to join in, because we do not want any uninvited electronic intrusion putting us off as we try to worship together.  This means that we send out direct e-mail invitations and links to those who have let us know in advance that they want to join the service. 

If you or someone you know would like to join in the virtual services please e-mail or the parish office at we can include you on the e-mail link for future services.

Holy Trinity Bramley Churchyard will be open from 10.00am until 5.00pm each day for anyone wanting to visit the Garden of Remembrance.  This is a delightful quiet space to remember and think of those we love who are suffering or who have sadly died. *Please remember that Social Distancing must be observed  by visitors at all times to avoid the gates having to be locked again.*