St Andrew's, Grafham is a beautiful country church, designed, built and lavishly decorated by 
Henry Woodyer. Although we are a small congregation we love God, we love our church 
and we try to love and serve our neighbours.

Our weekly worship on Sundays at 11.15am  is from the Book of Common Prayer, compiled in the sixteenth century by Thomas Cranmer, and modified in 1662. Our services, of either Holy Communion or Mattins (Morning Prayer) have been familiar to generations of Christians for the wonderful language - dignified and memorable phrases that speak so clearly to our human condition.

We very much look forward to meeting you.
St Andrew’s Church Grafham on a late September evening. 
September evening

When coming to St Andrews you can always be assured of a very warm welcome. A welcome to those from all walks of life; the young, the elderly, the rich and poor, a welcome to those over 60 but not grown up yet, and a welcome to children and teenagers growing up too fast! 

The beautiful Chancel in St Andrew's Church

Spring is a very special time at St Andrew's. The harsh winter weather with fallen leaves and branches gives way to a carpet of fresh green grass smothered with clumps of native primrose, stunning in the brilliant sunshine, with views over farmland to the Surrey Hills. Birds are looking to nest in the hedgerows and our resident  bats have returned to the church! The churchyard with its many species of wildflowers and native woodland hedges is a haven for wildlife with an amazing ecosystem which we aim to manage.

The abundance of insects attracts several species of bat and so it is no surprise that some may wish to share the church building with us at certain times of the year. It can be tedious, as they are pretty messy tenants and do inflict some damage on the furnishings! However, they are amazing little mammals and we must learn how to live together.  We are installing several bat boxes in the churchyard this year and hope that some of the vacancies will be filled.

Working/cleaning parties for both inside and outside the church have taken place during April, and a flower arranging party for Easter.
These are enjoyable gettogethers, with everybody welcome to take part, or just to pop in for coffee.  The results speak for themselves!

We look forward to the 'new life' of the Easter season.

Colin Parrott

St Andrew’s, Grafham, Annual Parochial Church Meeting will be held in the church on Sunday 28th April, immediately following the 11.15am Service