St Andrew's, Grafham is a beautiful country church, designed, built and lavishly decorated by 
Henry Woodyer. Although we are a small congregation we love God, we love our church 
and we try to love and serve our neighbours.

Our weekly worship on Sundays at 11.15am  is from the Book of Common Prayer, compiled in the sixteenth century by Thomas Cranmer, and modified in 1662. Our services, of either Holy Communion or Mattins (Morning Prayer) have been familiar to generations of Christians for the wonderful language - dignified and memorable phrases that speak so clearly to our human condition.

We very much look forward to meeting you.
St Andrew’s Church Grafham on a late September evening. 
September evening

When coming to St Andrews you can always be assured of a very warm welcome. A welcome to those from all walks of life; the young, the elderly, the rich and poor, a welcome to those over 60 but not grown up yet, and a welcome to children and teenagers growing up too fast! 

The beautiful Chancel in St Andrew's Church

I am writing this on the morning following the Remembrance Day service at St Andrew’s.  We enjoyed a very moving service conducted by the Rev. Patsy 
Kettle, which started with a congregation of about 30 gathered outside the church by the war memorial. Wreaths were laid and Adrian Elliott read out the names of the 11 people, 10 from the First World War and one from the Second who lost their lives. In addition there were three further First World War 
casualties who had been identified by recent research who are not mentioned on the memorial. 
At 12.30pm Mary Hainline rang a peal of 11 bells to mark the occasion .

Every year this event reminds us how fortunate we are to live as free people thanks to the sacrifices of previous generations and how St Andrew’s has been at the centre of our particular community through all the wars of the last 150 years. 

I then started thinking of community spirit, having lived here for nearly 70 years, and realised how things have changed in my lifetime. While the congregation has certainly dwindled there is a strong community spirit evidenced by many events such as the group tidy up of the churchyard, which has happened over the last few years. 

The first one I participated in was when Vicky asks Camilla to attend to the pastoral care at Grafham, and she treated us all to sandwiches and nibbles. There was a very happy atmosphere and buoyant community spirit. We will be celebrating our Patronal Festival on November 25th, with lunch in the Grafham Room afterwards. Last year about 40 people attended. I have no recollection of gatherings like this when I was young; we attended church and then went our separate ways – but then, maybe my memory is not very good!

This summer Jen and I were delighted to host a party at Old Barns for all parishioners and friends of St Andrew’s. We were flattered that 40 to 50 people arrived and spent a very pleasant hour or two eating and socialising.

All in all, although we are a small community we are a very involved community, and jointly care for and look after our beloved St Andrew’s Church.                                                                                               Colin Thorpe