Updating your Zoom! 

Do you update your Zoom regularly? It will help it work properly, and work better.          On the main page of your Zoom there is a little coloured circle (usually with your initials on it, and usually in the top right hand corner). If you click on that, a dropdown list appears, which includes Check for Updates. Click on that, and follow the instructions. Best to do this once a week....

If you or someone you know would like to join in a virtual services please e-mail revd.andydavis@gmail.com or the parish office at office@holytrinitybramley.org.ukand we can include you on the e-mail link


Why not come to our Virtual Coffee Mornings, held via ‘ZOOM’ at 11.00am every Wednesday morning. 

 If you’d like to join in, get in touch with Sue Oldrey by email at sueoldrey@gmail.com or phone 01483 614881. 

 She’ll send you the ‘Zoom’ link so that you can share in the chat and friendship from the safety of your own home.