Four Villages Wednesday Club

The Club is looking for new members! If you would like a sociable day out each week with good food and good company why not go along and give it a try. The Club meets at Blunden Court, Bramley every Wednesday for morning coffee, followed by a quiz or exercises, then a tasty home cooked lunch. There is entertainment afterwards, and afternoon tea.

For those who can’t get out and about as easily as they used to, it’s a nice friendly day to look forward to. Transport can be provided if need be, and the day costs £5. If you would like to come along for a taster session then please do get in touch with the manager, Nicola Mendelssohn, on 01403 372747 or 07711 043665. They would love to meet you!

The Four Villages Wednesday Club was founded in 1989 as the Four Villages Day Centre, to serve elderly and housebound residents of Bramley, Wonersh, Blackheath and Shamley Green. Nowadays those living in surrounding villages are also welcomed, if they are registered with Wonersh Surgery.

The Club meets every Wednesday at Blunden Court, behind the library in Bramley High Street from 10am to 2.45pm.  Members are charged £5 a day.

After a chat over morning coffee, a home-cooked lunch is enjoyed, followed by entertainment and afternoon tea. Transport to and from Blunden Court can be provided if needed.

A Monthly Communion at Blunden Court will be held on the first Wednesday of every month at 10.45am.  The next one is on Wednesday, 4 May.  Members of the congregation are welcome to come and join in.  Come to the double doors on the right, and be ready to observe appropriate measures for Covid-19.

To find out more, please phone our friendly manager Nicola Mendelssohn on 01403 372747 or email or visit the Club website at

                                                             Wednesday Club lunch