From The Rev'd Andy Davis 

The Revd Andy Davis BSc BD
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                             GOOD FRIDAY AND EASTER EVERY DAY 

One Sunday a few years ago, I baptised a beautiful new baby, with the baby’s mum crying tears of joy, because the baby had been a long time coming, including lengthy IVF treatment. An hour later I was with the family of someone who had died suddenly in their 40’s. 

Such is a priest’s (privileged) ministry, but it is also a reminder that people go through their own ‘Good Friday’ and their own ‘Easter Day’, each and every day of their lives. Even on a mundane day, there will be moments of pain, regret, bitterness and anger; and (hopefully) moments when light breaks in, a smile comes or hope raises its head. 

Good Friday and Easter Day are not just events in the church’s year. They are moments when God shows how close he is to us, and how he shares every conceivable human experience, both good and bad. Furthermore, Good Friday and Easter aren’t just about God – they are about the experience that life throws at each and every one of us, each and every day. 

More profoundly, Good Friday experiences often contain a glimpse of Easter glory; and Easter experiences often contain a stab or ache of Good Friday pain. Just as Jesus proclaims from the cross “It is finished” (more accurately, “I have done it!”) – a glimpse of Easter; and the Risen Lord bears the wounds of his suffering.......the stab or ache of Good Friday is part of the glory...... 

Christian faith acknowledges the daily reality of Good Friday and Easter Day in the life of each and every one of us. The Christian Journey is about discovering that the wounded and Risen Lord is there in every one of those experiences, and with us in every second of every minute that we exist.

With love, 

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