Clergy Letter - 

by The Rev'd Graham Smith


For all this, much thanks!

We are in the days after Trinity when, thinking about creation, our thoughts turn to Harvest Festival - the annual nudge to remember that we need to be very grateful for what we have, and not to forget where it comes from.

We all know that Eucharist means `thanksgiving'. In Holy Trinity, week by week, we praise God as creator. We thank him for his love, as shown in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. We offer the self-giving and sacrifice of Jesus, and receive a share in his new life.

Thanking and sacrifice go together: The alternative is to be miserly. We know from books and our own experience that mean and miserly people are not

happy. Their vision is mean and miserly in every way. They spread a deadening, diminishing effect. It is good then that here we continue to demonstrate our own vision, commitment and generosity in terms of our money and our talents, and I pray that this will always be the case even when we feel discouraged.

                                                                                                                                           Soon Creation Season will run into Kingdom Season and the feast of Christ the King. It heralds the end of the church year; a time when it is good to think and reflect on the past to ready ourselves for the New Year. It is a good time for us to think and reflect as we prepare for a new Vicar, and all that will mean in terms of our parish resources and our individual ministries and gifts. The gifts of time, as well as money, that have maintained God’s work here in our vacancy will need to continue. Our service will still be valued and needed.

We know that giving involves more than money, it involves giving the whole self to God: Treasure, Time and Talents. Our whole selves are everything that we have and everything that we are - our time, our strengths, our weaknesses, and our money. We also know it can not be less than 100 % that we offer to God as our Christian duty and service. The coming of a new priest will not change that.

                                                                                                                                          Christ the King is a glorious climax to the Church’s year-end. The picture of Christ the King on the throne in his kingdom leads naturally to Advent and to the theme of judgment and preparation. So as we prepare to interview for a new priest let us continue to pray the vacancy prayer as a way of reflecting on the past, and hoping for a future in which we will all serve and give of ourselves to make Christ the King known in this parish.

So much thanks to you all for all that you do!

Your friend and parish priest, Graham Smith



Pray that God will help us to continue his mission to our neighbours 

and prepare for our new priests.

Loving God,

Make these Churches of Holy Trinity and St Andrew 

to be a sign of your engaging love:

May our hearts be penitent,

Our actions sensitive.

Fill each of us with a longing to share with others 

the good news we have received,

And anoint our lives with your Spirit that Jesus be formed in each of us:

His tongue to speak in us,

His hands to work in us,

His heart to beat in us.

And so through all we do, and all we are,

And with the people where you call us to witness,

May Jesus be known

                                                        And His Kingdom established.                                                         Amen.




Father God

During this vacancy,

guard and grow the people of this benefice as we serve you together

in this period without an incumbent.

Lord Jesus, teacher and friend

We know that you have plans for us

and that these plans are good.

We ask now that you will help us to share responsibility,

grow in faith, love one another, care for those in need,

reach out to others, and welcome newcomers.

Holy Spirit, gentle guide,

Please inspire those who are seeking the right person for us,

and those who are seeking the right place for their ministry,

That together we may discover your way for the future

and see your kingdom grow.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen