From The Rev'd Andy Davis   

Silver Linings?

Hello everyone. First of all, a reminder that during the time the church building is closed due to Covid-19, our Sunday Service is online. If you would like to join the service and ‘Zoom’ with us, or receive a link to see a recording afterwards, please contact me (although I would be delighted to hear from you for any reason!) 

A few Sundays ago, I mentioned my grandfather, Archibald Alfred Edwards, a ‘Hampshire Hog’ and a real character. When he was worried that the new bus service through the village might endanger his beloved chickens, he put a bus timetable up in the chicken house (so that they would know when the buses were due). He had many a saying and many a ‘ditty’…to be said in as thick a Hampshire accent as possible, of course…: “’ampshire born, and ‘ampshire bred: thick in the arm and thick in the head”. Or… “I come from ‘ampshire and I’m alright. I can’t read and I can’t write. I come from ‘ampshire and I’m alright… ‘cause I can drive a tractor.” 

He used a lot of more universally known sayings, like ‘every cloud has a silver lining’. Ever the optimist, granddad would be saying that in the current crisis. But can something as dark and as serious as the worldwide Covid-19 crisis have any kind of silver lining? 

Perhaps. It has reminded us that pulling together is better than thinking only of ourselves. It has reminded us that concern for the most vulnerable must always be a priority. It has reminded us that working across nations and working globally is more important than narrow nationalism. It has reminded us that the things we miss most when life is restricted are things like family, friendship, physical presence, love, laughter and mutual support. It has shown us what a less polluted world can look like and smell like (and given many a glimpse of how things could be if climate change is taken seriously). Following on from the importance of climate change, it has reminded us of the importance of sound science and rational response, rather than believing whatever nonsense has been posted online somewhere. It has reminded us of the value of vocation, rather than simply wage-earning – through the example of ‘Key’ workers of all kinds, especially those in the NHS. 

It is a gigantic cloud, but it is a cloud we can battle through, if we take to heart those little slivers of silver lining… 

With love to all, 

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