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Carol service!


Our Archbishops are encouraging us all to keep a month of committed and deep prayer for the world and for the communities we serve. Please find time each day if you can, for prayer, silence and reflection. 

The suggestion is five minutes each day, at 6.00pm. A copy of the Prayer Booklet is attached below, and here is a prayer to use:

                      Loving God, at this time of crisis when so many are suffering,                                                                      We pray for our nation and our world.                                                                                                            Give our leaders wisdom, our Health Service strength, our people hope.                                                    Lead us through these parched and difficult days                                                            
                      to the fresh springs of joy and comfort that we find 
                      in Jesus Christ our Lord


NHS Hearing aid clinics are cancelled until further notice.

 Richard and Evelyn Gates, who have qualified as Diocesan Hearing Champions after a course  organised by  the Diocese and given by NHS Audiologists, will be offering to service NHS hearing aids  and dispense new batteries (brown book required) at clinics to be held as follows in the Parish Room:-

 1st Monday of each month 10-11am at Monday Coffee Stop

 1st Tuesday of each month 3-4pm at Tuesday Tea

 The service is also being offered to users of the 4 Villages Day Centre on the first Wednesday of each  month, after Holy Communion at Blunden Court.

             Please join us on these occasions and just bring your hearing aids and brown book.   

                       ** Regrettably, privately-supplied hearing aids cannot be dealt with.**