Holy Trinity Church, Bramley

St Andrew's, Grafham

St Andrew's, Grafham is a beautiful country church, designed, built and lavishly decorated by Henry Woodyer. Although we are a small congregation we love God, we love our church and we try to love and serve our neighbours.

Our weekly worship on Sundays at 11.15am  is from the Book of Common Prayer, compiled in the sixteenth century by Thomas Cranmer, and modified in 1662. Our services, of either Holy Communion or Mattins (Morning Prayer) have been familiar to generations of Christians for the wonderful language - dignified and memorable phrases that speak so clearly to our human condition.

We very much look forward to meeting you.
St Andrew’s Church Grafham on a late September evening. 
September evening

When coming to St Andrews you can always be assured of a very warm welcome. A welcome to those from all walks of life; the young, the elderly, the rich and poor, a welcome to those over 60 but not grown up yet, and a welcome to children and teenagers growing up too fast! 

The beautiful Chancel in St Andrew's Church

Having the freedom to enjoy the beauty of the natural world around us and finding peace in it is something that we can so easily take for granted. We are very fortunate to have St Andrews on our doorstep. In the midst of the clamour and discord of an increasing disconnected and angry world a stroll around the country churchyard of St Andrews, with its backdrop of the Surrey Hills and its carpets of snowdrops and primroses will give you a sense of calm and hope that a better world for everyone is possible.

If you are passing St Andrews do take a few moments to drop in and enjoy the little white and yellow blooms which reassure us that the newness of another spring is not far away. You can park safely in the car park of the old Grafham School next to the church. 

This brings me to NEW DAWN. You may have seen pamphlets and posters inviting you to a talk by Mary Branson to celebrate the centennial year of women’s suffrage. This reminds us all (both men and women) how fortunate we are to enjoy our freedoms and rights in this country. The talk is being given to raise funds for the little Grafham Room and for St Andrew’s, so do book a ticket and come along on the 13th March if you are free.

We must not forget those in the world who don’t even have clean water to drink, and so like our friends and neighbours in Bramley we will be giving to the Charity WaterAid this Lent. 

One further date for your diaries is 2nd April - Easter Monday. St Andrews Grafham will be open from 10.30 to 4.00 throughout the day. The Church will be filled with flowers to celebrate the Easter Festival and there will be tea, coffee, and cakes available. Please do come and enjoy the occasion.

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