Holy Trinity Church, Bramley

From the Vicar, the Rev'd Vicki Burrows

The Vicarage, 1 Birtley Rise, Bramley GU5 0HZ    Tel 01483 892109   vicki.burrows@me.com


Dear Friends,                                                                                                                                                                      Elf on a shelf

Some weeks ago ‘Elfie’ came to live with us. I’m told she keeps an eye on our child’s behaviour during the day and flies back and forth each night to report  to Santa any achievements or misdemeanours.  On Christmas Eve our elf will return to Santa until next year when she may return to check on behaviour at the Vicarage. Some families have elves who deliver Christmas lists, in the hope that requests may be granted. 

When I see Elfie perched on the pillow beside our sleeping child I’m torn between memories of my own childish Christmas longings and a gospel story that reminds us that life is not so simple. Those who ask do not always receive and for many both the days before and Christmas itself will be filled with loneliness, grief, isolation, hunger or fear.

I don’t imagine that either Mary or Joseph got what they wanted that first Christmas night. They were a couple far from home, at the whim of an oppressive dictator, she giving birth on a hard floor to a child they had neither planned nor initially wanted.  And whilst poor shepherds came to believe this child was the Messiah, and some time later wise ones knelt in wonder, mostly life went on as it always had done.

Years later, when snippets of this child’s life-story were written down, people came to believe that whilst not much appeared to have changed, in the vulnerability of human flesh they had seen tantalising glimpses of God.  Or as one gospel writer put it, ‘The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it’.

This Advent and Christmas I hope you will join our celebrations at Holy Trinity, Bramley, or at             St Andrew’s, Grafham.

Wishing you peace and joy this Christmas, and many blessings in 2018,                                        


The Rev’d Vicki Burrows. Vicar of The United Benefice of Bramley and Grafham


FRIDAY is Vicki's day off, and she would be very grateful if we respect that, and only contact her       on Fridays in a case of genuine emergency. 

If there is an emergency she can be contacted, day or night, on 07515965781