Holy Trinity Church, Bramley

From the Vicar, the Rev'd Vicki Burrows

The Vicarage, 1 Birtley Rise, Bramley GU5 0HZ    Tel 01483 892109   vicki.burrows@me.com


Dear Friends,                                                                                                                                                                                                        Through the seasons ….life and death and new life 

As I walk in the woods and fields around Bramley and Grafham, and drive from place to place, I am struck by the beauty around. Golden leaves, shades of deep red and purple, shiny conkers and prickly chestnuts crunching underfoot compel me to count my blessing. Whilst runner beans have had their day, striped marrows and flaming orange pumpkins emerge. Before too long we will plunge suddenly into the cold barren emptiness of winter. 

This month, within the life of the church and perhaps in our own lives, we move from the season of harvest and gratitude towards the season of loneliness  and remembrance. As we look at the dark soil and bare trees we recall the beauty we once knew and wait for the new life that is to come. 

In parts of the world where the seasons are less predictable hurricanes, winds and earthquake sweep away homes and lives. You might imagine that belief in a compassionate and loving God would grow in the beauty and comfort of our Surrey villages, yet we know it is in the poorest countries of the world that faith is flourishing and belief in a loving God seems to  grow. 


Many of us have learned, through bitter-sweet experience, that it is through the words and deeds of those who meet us in our darkest days that we come to know the unconditional love of God, and be thankful.

This harvest season, as summer turns to autumn, I hope you will count your blessings and give generously. Our churches will be collecting for a local Food Bank and giving to Christian Aid, in the belief that grinding poverty and climate change will not have the last word. 

Yours in Christ,


The Rev’d Vicki Burrows. Vicar of The United Benefice of Bramley and Grafham


FRIDAY is Vicki's day off, and she would be very grateful if we respect that, and only contact her       on Fridays in a case of genuine emergency. 

If there is an emergency she can be contacted, day or night, on 07515965781